Artec, Light Design, progettazione illuminotecnica, illuminazione architetturale, illuminazione led, risparmio energetico, scenografia Daniele Canuti
• MAGIS 95 - Rimini - Speaker at the conference “Creative Applications for Automated Luminaires”

• 96 - ART ACADEMY - Urbino (I) - Technical lesson to the students of scenery

• Structural and light design for 41 exhibition areas in the world

• Experience in supporting the light design of many shows (Bejart ballet, Fantastico (RAI), Elton John concert in Cannes, Aida European Tour, Euro Disney, Mondrian Hotel Los Angeles, Hungarian National Theatre, Dutch TV studios (NOB), Maribor Theatre

• Experience in ergonomic analysis and operative system design for automated lighting control desks

• 10 years experience in R&D - Market analysis, product concept, main design, components selection, working-group managing, tooling and assembly system, documentation and manuals, advertising concept

• 2 years studying shop lighting, museum and architectural lighting, with particular care to the study of damaging created by different lighting sources and to the visitors’ psychological reaction

• Mondrian Hotel (Los Angeles – in collaborazione con Philippe Starck)

• 6 original luminaires designed for manufacture companies 4 patents pending

• Over the last 8 years he concentrated his skills in architectural lighting design, mainly for hotels, parks, private villas, commercial areas, by using only high tech energy saving led fixtures, often custom made following his design

Daniele Canuti has been leading over the last 20 years several significant experiences in lighting business, exploiting his studies in electronics and design
The shareholding of a small-high technology manufacturing company for several years has given to him a wide competence and flexibility, spanning from R&D, export managing, light design, industrial design
Among his professional experiences deserve to be highlighted the following:



• AIDI member (Italian Lighting Association)

• IESNA member (Light Designers of North American)

• UKIC memmber (English Conservators)

• LDI 90 - Nashville - Speaker at the conference “Modular Light Control Desks”

• PLASA 94 - London - Speaker at the conference “The Future of Automated Lighting”