Light creates the perception of places

We are Lighting sculptors
We shape the Light to your needs
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Lighting Design is the integration of both emotion and function,
visual suggestion and project,
scenery and technology,
differently balanced depending on the context.
(Daniele Canuti)
“To make light” doesn’t mean any longer to fully reveal the world, to make the darkness and its mystery disappearing.
On the contrary, it means to add a new , stronger and more involving value to reality, by creating emotions, respecting the environment and cutting the energy waste.
(Silvio Da Ponte)
“Architecture is the skilful, strict,
 magnificent play of volumes,
 assembled in light”
(Le Corbusier)
 “Light that flows
 reflects through surfaces
 Light that brightens
 makes transparence and thickness
 profiles things
 blends with water
 floods into eyes
 leaves tracks inside the heart
plays with shadows
 shakes among leaves
 flashes and goes back
 without disappearing”