Structural and mimetic lighting

Our ideal architectural lighting system should be hidden in the structure, should be functional but energy saving.

It should highlight the volumes and the paths, by chromatic and/or graphic light signs.

By this lighting style the architectural structure becomes a “virtual lamp”, and the perceived effect of the light overcomes the aesthetic aspect of the lamps, “ideally invisible”.

The light must be concentrated and directed toward the main zones, while the passage zones will keep a relatively lower brightness.

This approach, beyond saving energy, creates that pleasant and necessary game of contrasts which gives “depth of field” to the vision, exalts the perception of shapes and volumes, lowers the necessary flux.

A good lighting design cannot exist without creating a game between lights and shadows.


Service light - Base light - Accent light

They are the three working levels for a structural and mimetic light design, able to give value to the aesthetic and functional perception of spaces and volumes.

The different balance among the three working levels allows to obtain different volumetric perceptions and functional targets.

Service light

has low brightness, offers the indispensable minimal visibility for passing, and/or graphically marks a volume or a path.

It’s often realized by illuminating vertical edges from down, or projecting light textures on the floor/ceiling/walls.

The base light

is brighter, and it’s often realized by lighting wide surfaces, vertical or horizontal (walls or ceilings), or making “virtual lamps” with recessed fixtures around columns or edges previously enriched by particular covering materials.

In certain positions/moments, the base light can also become colored, in order to play an elegant and soft contrast with the main neutral lights.

The accent light

is concentrated on the furnishings and/or on limited functional areas inside the same volume.

It’s usually made by lamps with suitable optics, installed in suitable positions in order to avoid any dazzling.

It can be switched-on alone, for a very cozy and graceful effect, or in combination with the base light, for a more incisive final result.