Large Systems

The design of large size lighting systems needs a very well structured approach, through several phases of software simulation of possible technical and economical alternatives, and including samples test on site.

The industrial and office building have as prior requirements the functional features and the safety rules compliance.

The large commercial buildings and chains must also take care of the scenic impact, in order to support the products and the brand image.

The large hotel buildings and chains have image requirements as well, and the lighting must work together with the interior and exterior design, in order to create a fascinating and coherent blend.

All these large structures need the lowest operating and maintenance costs.

The choices must be particularly weighted, because every mistake as well as every saving is multiplied by the huge number of light points.

By using specific CAD 3D software for lighting systems we can obtain reliable simulations of the final results.

Our calculation and simulation financial software highilights the direct and indirect costs, the pay off time and the return on investment (ROI), up to the CO2 savings.

Today a professional light design can bring down drastically the energy requirements and maintenance cost, with fast pay off time and very high return on investment.