In the sale points the great display window is not enough any more , nor is a large range of products.

It’s necessary to establish a relationship between the products and rewarding and desirable contexts…various styles of life… far countries.

While evoking these contexts the product is enriched, it acquires a specific identity and an emotional meaning.

Therefore people aim to be part of a scene where the roles of actor and spectator are dissolved, a scenario in which the light astonishes and helps to get oriented inside this imaginary world.

In such spaces a good light can recreate the sacral feeling of a museum and the fascination of a stage, by highlighting some of the favorite pieces among the other more anonymous and confusing ones, making them to come out from the background in all their (illusory) individuality.

In the spaces of the great distribution both the functional and the energetic factors are important, however a well designed lighting system can be of great support to the brand image and to customer’s comfort.

Currently the spaces of the great distribution are illuminated like warehouses, with a rather aseptic style that does not support the sales and generates a remarkable waste of energy.

The GreenLighting approach can offer remarkable advantages to these structures, from an ethical and an economic point of view.