Hotels and Wellness Centers

In the places of hospitality the light takes a bivalent dimension, public and private at the same time.

In the common spaces the light must create the right atmosphere for communication and socializing, and according to the interior design style, should contribute with an original touch to strengthen the image perceived from the guests.

In the guest rooms lighting must relax and give support, surrounding without annoying.

The lighting fixtures must be simple to use and to clean, safe and sturdy; they must require very low maintenance and operating costs and long life light sources.


In the places dedicated to food and beverages, to good taste and the pleasures of the table, the light must contribute to give personality to the ambience, to fix the venue in the memory.

Lighting should be integrated with and to exalt the architectural structure, if it’s valuable, or to create privacy and to characterize the place, if it’s not particularly valuable.

Therefore the lighting fixtures will be mainly concentrated on the tables and to the entrance, they will have a chromatic index exalting the colors of the food and beverages, will be concentrated in order to transform every table in an individual pleasure island.

The lighting equipments will be mainly technical and hidden, in case they don’t need to influence an already strong personality of the structure, or decorative, very original or custom-made in case the ambience needs a greater support.