The GreenLighting term is often abused.

To make GreenLighting doesn’t mean simply to choose an energy saving lamp, but to think green over 360°.

  • It means to choose the technology with better efficiency, but it’s not enough
  • It means to choose the products using the best efficiency and long lasting light sources, but it’s not enough
  • It means that during the guaranteed life time of the source the optical performances of the products shouldn’t change in substantial way, but it’s not enough
  • It means to choose materials with less environmental impact, but it’s not enough
  • It means to make a serious light design and calculation, and to have at the same time a scenic sensibility able to meet aesthetic impact and energy saving
    That’s possible only by carrying the correct amount of light where we need it, and not in indiscriminate way all around; but it’s not enough yet
  • It means, last but not least, that the optics of the lighting fixtures must be optimized for the function that should carry out, calculating them in order to meet both technical and scenic needs
We do it.